Why Become LIC Agent

LIC is the oldest and most reputed financial institution in India. With over 12 Lacs plus agents across the country, it is the most lucrative job for young professionals. Being an LIC agent has many benefits. You can take control of your life, both physically and financially. Every middle-class house in India has multiple LIC policies. Think about it, someone is selling and servicing these policies for them. It could be you, add to that being a financial advisor for 10s of such households gives you the honor and prestige you deserve.

Second Income

As an LIC advisor, you are one step closer to complete financial independence. Make your LIC agency Income more than your current expenses so that you are not compelled to work for the livelihood. Become LIC Agent and earn attractive commission Income on new sales.

Attractive Commission Income

Immediate monetary gratification for all advisors after their very first sale (commission payment is fortnightly). Agents are also eligible for Bonus and Renewal commission (so long as policy is inforce).

Performance Rewards

As an LIC Agent, you become eligible for perks like office allowance, car, house, and other advances by doing consistent good business. You also get recognized as the best performer in your respective category, if you meet your set targets.

How to become an LIC Agent


The application process is extremely simple, you will need to go through a training program either online or physical. To become an LIC agent, get in touch with us for the application formalities.

Study the Prescribed Course

Verify your LIC Agent Eligibility. You could opt for online training OR for classroom training for interactive sessions. We provide all the assistance, coaching and advise while you prepare for your course and test.

Online Test

We will schedule the online multiple choice type test on your convenient date. After passing the test successfully you will become an agent and be given a valid ID card. Sounds simple, isn’t it. It is actually.

What We Offer

Agent Recruitment

We Offer training, guidance to people interested in becoming a successful Financial Advisor.

Retirement Planning

Not everyone’s requirement is same. We provide customized Retirement Planning Solution to suit your needs.

Child Education

We offer customized Education Saving Plan to suit your Child’s education considering Education Inflation

Life Insurance

We offer various Insurance Products like Endowment Plan, Money Back, Term insurance.

Health Insurance

Get protected from costly hospital bills from our Health Insurance Solutions and secure your Savings

Keyman Insurance

Employers can be assured that their Keyman is insured adequately so that your business is secured.


Years of Trust Serving and securing


Lakh + Insurance Agents


Crore of Asset Value

Why Choose US


Rajeev Ranjan has experience in creating a successful team of Insurance professionals. His team of agents has achieved MDRT and various other club memberships under his guidance.

He does not charge any fee for joining his team. Feel free to join his team of agents and reach a greater height as Insurance Professional.

Extensive Knowledge

His extensive knowledge of Finance and Insurance helps his team members to prospect, present the plans, face the objection and close the deal. He keeps his team informed about latest changes and shares his idea to help agents sell more.

His team of LIC Agents can vouch for his professionalism, knowledge, and integrity.


He conducts and arranges for regular training sessions for his team. He is also tech-savvy and helps his team use technology to enhance their income.

He abides by a stringent code of ethics, integrity, and professionalism to his profession. You can bank on him anytime for sales and after-sales support.